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Who We Are

  • Robert Campbell - Head Coach

    Robert Campbell - Head Coach

    Your Head Coach completed three years of high school debate, then became part of the National Championship program at his Alma Mater, the University of Kansas. Proudly, Coach was the winningest debater in Kansas history–a record that stood for seven years after my graduation just a wee bit more than a half century ago. With highly motivated UCSD students, I started building UCSD Speech & Debate in the Fall Quarter of 2018. I teach and coach speech and debate, because my reasonably successful 45-year business career was driven by my analytical, presentation, and persuasion skills acquired via KU Debate. My fun fact is fairly obvious: “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU basketball !!”

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    Jake Garmo - Graduate Assistant Coach

    My name is Jake, and I graduated from UCSD in Political Science: Data Analytics and have been a case manager at a law firm for the past year. I am excited to be helping out as an assistant coach for this year. At UCSD, I competed in IPDA and NPDA for three years and previously served as Team Statistician. Outside of debate, I was also involved with political science research during undergrad. I am quite obsessed with arguments and I look forward to helping you all craft cases for your rounds!
  • Jared Hoffart - President & IPDA Coach #1

    Jared Hoffart - President & IPDA Coach #1

    My name is Jared and I am a Political Science fourth year with a concentration in Data Analytics. Before joining the UCSD debate team, I was a part of the forensics team at Buhach Colony high school. I am proud to now help coach IPDA for this upcoming season. To me, debate is an art that is invaluable in our society. Besides debate I also enjoy surfing, learning new languages, climbing, and disc golf.

  • David Cordier - VP Administration

    David Cordier - VP Administration

    My name is David Cordier and I am a fourth-year International Business Major with minors in Accounting and Russian. This will be my third year on the team and second as VP Admin. What drew me into this extraordinary team two years ago and made me stay was the unmatched team culture, my amazing experience at my first tournament at Sunset Cliffs, and the satisfaction that I got from getting better and better as a competitor. Outside of debate I enjoy running, learning languages, and Red Vines.

  • Felip Gerdes - AVP Administration

    Felip Gerdes - AVP Administration

    Hi my name is Felip, I am a fourth year Political Science Major in Marshall College. This will be my second year on the team but I've been on a speech and debate team since the 7th grade. I value speech and debate because of  the new experiences, perspectives, cultures, and friends we all make along the way. 
  • Indira Iyer - VP Finance

    Indira Iyer - VP Finance

    Hi everyone, I’m Indira but I often go by Indy. I am a 3rd-year Structural Engineering major with a focus in aerospace structures. I grew up in Michigan where I competed in oratory and duo on my highschools forensics team. I now compete in British Parliamentary. Outside of debate, I enjoy trying out new restaurants/cafes, surfing, and traveling. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  • Dasha Okolysheva - AVP Finance

    Dasha Okolysheva - AVP Finance

    Hey everyone! My name is Dasha and I’m a third year majoring in Real Estate Development. I joined speech and debate last year and have since been competing in NPDA, IPDA, and Impromptu. I joined speech and debate because I’ve always been passionate about international relations and wanted to become a better public speaker. I’m an international student from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and I’ve lived in 4 countries throughout my life. Excited for another unforgettable season!

  • Chaturika Bandara - VP Coaching

    Chaturika Bandara - VP Coaching

    Hi my name is Chaturika and I’m a second year General Biology major in Sixth college. I started debate in high school and really enjoyed competing and meeting new people. I love to crochet and hike on my free time. At UCSD, I’m a part of AMSA, Crochet for Kids, and I volunteer at UCSD Health. I’m excited for the upcoming school year and to meet everyone!

  • Khushi Kumar - VP Marketing & Social Chair

    Khushi Kumar - VP Marketing & Social Chair

    Hello! My name is Khushi Kumar, and I am a third year, pursuing a double major in Political Science (International Relations) and Communication, along with a minor in Business at Roosevelt College. I joined Speech & Debate my first year at UCSD and never looked back; it is such a rewarding experience and a great platform for developing communication skills. Apart from debating, I enjoy hiking, sightseeing, visiting cafes, and going to UTC. I am thrilled to meet all of you and hope that your experience in Speech and Debate will be unforgettable.

  • Julian Mackenzie - VP Tournament Manager, IPDA Coach #2, Interp Coach

    Julian Mackenzie - VP Tournament Manager, IPDA Coach #2, Interp Coach

    Hi my name is Julian-Dante but everyone calls me Julian. I’m a student at Muir College double majoring in Political Science (Public Law) and History (focus on Latin America). I’ve been competing in Speech & Debate for 7 years now across three different teams. Throughout all of my different experiences I’ve noticed that the element that keeps this activity so great is the community that’s been created throughout its 100 year history. My role as VP Tournament Manager is to help prepare the team for tournaments and to introduce our team into the larger national community. Next year I’m also looking forward to Co-Coaching IPDA (Public Debate) and Coaching Interp. Outside of debate I enjoy comics books, traveling, movies and kayaking!

  • Rebecca Du - Team Statistician

    Rebecca Du - Team Statistician

    Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca and I’m a fourth year Cognitive Science major (specializing in Machine Learning and Neural Computation) in Sixth! I’m the team statistician for this year. I joined the UCSD Speech and Debate team during my sophomore year and I have learned so much about the joys of competing and life skills in general. I’m a big fan of video essays, movies, and anime/manga, so if you ever want to chat about any of those things or life in general, feel free to hit me up!

  • Marina Hu - Co-Statistician & Original Speech Coach #3

    Marina Hu - Co-Statistician & Original Speech Coach #3

    Hey everyone! My name is Marina, and I'm a second-year student at Revelle majoring in Biology with a Specialization in Bioinformatics and minoring in Computer Science. I grew up in Chandler, Arizona and have been participating in speech since high school. I absolutly fell in love with the community this activity brings and have been a part of the UCSD team since my freshman year. Outside of speech and debate, I love going to Scripps to watch the sunset, playing the piano, going coffee shop hunting with my friends, or binging another anime or kdrama series. Feel free to reach out to me about anything, and I'm excited to meet everyone!

  • Darief Maes - Social Media Chair

    Darief Maes - Social Media Chair

    Hey all, I’m Darief! I’m a third year majoring in Business Economics with a minor in Data Science. I hail from a town called Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. During my time in high school, I used to do model UN, where you represent a nation within a UN committee. I joined UCSD Speech and Debate in my sophomore year to improve my public speaking, critical thinking, and rapid decision making. This year, I will be active as the Social Media chair, where I will be responsible for our socials!

  • Emma Berwanger - Team Photographer

    Emma Berwanger - Team Photographer

    I’m Emma and I’m a third year double majoring in Political Science: Public law and Real Estate & Development. I joined the Speech and Debate team my second year and I had no prior experience because my high school did not have a team! I compete in IPDA and extemp speaking. I joined the team to sharpen my public speaking as well as critical thinking skills to aid in my future career, practicing law. I will be in charge of taking photos of our team for social media, newsletters, and memories to look back on!

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    Karam Sodhi - Co-Photographer

    Hi everyone, I’m Karam and I’m a second year international economics student at Sixth College. I moved to San Diego from London last year. I joined the Speech and Debate team with no prior experience, it’s really not common outside the US. That being said, I love it and currently compete in IPDA and Extemporaneous. I absolutely love to travel as well as anything aviation. People who know me know that’s an understatement. I also like to learn languages when I have free time.
  • Carter Castillo - NPDA Coach #1

    Carter Castillo - NPDA Coach #1

    Yo, I’m Carter. I’m a gamer and like long walks on the beach. Oh, I also coach NPDA debate with the most iconic Cindy Chanay. I’ve dabbled in debate since high school through college. I’m a huge poli sci nerd, especially when it comes to comparative politics. I’m always on my phone, so feel free to contact me through instagram or e-mail.

  • Cindy Chanay - NPDA Coach #2

    Cindy Chanay - NPDA Coach #2

    Hello! My name is Cindy Chanay and I'm a second year in Revelle College majoring in Political Science: Public Law with a minor in Environmental Studies. I'm happy and excited to be co-coaching NPDA this year with the amazing Carter Castillo! I've been debating since my freshman year in high school, primarily competing in the policy circuit. Some fun facts about me are that I've played guitar for seven years (and currently still do in UCSD's mariachi, La Joya Del Sur) and I love to cook. Don't ever hesitate to reach out for any reason.

  •  Lucas Howard-Ron - IPDA Coach #3

    Lucas Howard-Ron - IPDA Coach #3

    What’s up everyone, I’m Lucas and I’m a senior double majoring in International Business and Public Law. I only have a year of experience in Speech & Debate, I was in the same spot as you guys last year when I impulsively showed up to our first GBM! I went from not even knowing what any formats meant or any of the jargon used in debate to qualifying for Nationals in IPDA at Idaho! I am super excited to help everyone out to grow into a better version of themselves, whether it’s related to Speech & Debate or not.
  •  Joey Wang - BP Coach #1

    Joey Wang - BP Coach #1

    Hi, I’m Joey, and I’m a third year double majoring in Economics and International Relations at Sixth College! I started debating in seventh grade and have been deeply passionate about it ever since. In high school, I was on my high school’s APAC forensics team and WSDC Team China Development Squad, specializing in World Schools and the British Parliamentary format. Outside of debate, I’m into Sci-fi books (don’t hit me up for book recs), gaming (derogatory), playing DND (need players pls), occasionally gymming, and trying out new food places in San Diego!

  • Aiswarya Charruparambil Binoy - BP Coach #2

    Aiswarya Charruparambil Binoy - BP Coach #2

    Hey everyone! I’m Aiswarya but I go by Ash, and I’m a third year molecular and cell bio student in ERC. I started BP debate in 11th grade with a group of like-minded people á la “Dead Poets Society”, and continued into college due to the intellectual challenge, friends, and fun! I’m into philosophical fiction and creative writing (hit me up for book recs) and when I’m not in debate or lab, I’m at the gym/beach/cafe, or watching grown men frantically kick a ball around (team Messi always). Reach out to me to talk about anything, I’m super excited!

  • Munira Ibrahim - Extemp Coach #1

    Munira Ibrahim - Extemp Coach #1

    Hey everyone! My name’s Muni. I’m a third year psych student at Seventh and I’m so excited to be one of your extemp co-coaches! Together we’re making extemp fun, funky, fresh, and easy to learn even if you’re brand new! Outside of speech and debate, I love being a part of the UCSD hiking club, cooking, roller skating, and surfing…even if I’m not very good. It’s gonna be a great year and I can’t wait to meet all of you!
  • Dayyan Rizvi - Extemp Coach #2

    Dayyan Rizvi - Extemp Coach #2

    Hey, my name is Dayyan. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Communications and minoring in Political Science. I have actively competed in Speech and Debate since high school, and am looking forward to the opportunity of being a co-coach for the extemp team! When I’m not with the team, you can find me enjoying a good book, listening to music, or fueling a bad caffeine habit. I am very excited for the upcoming year, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

  • Annika Dengel - Extemp Coach #3

    Annika Dengel - Extemp Coach #3

    Hi, my name is Annika! I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science: International Relations with a minor in Spanish Literature. I joined UCSD Speech & Debate last year, but I competed in high school for 2 years in speech events and parliamentary debate. I am super excited to be a coach this year and meet everyone new to the team! Outside of practices, I love going to the gym (shoutout RIMAC) and rock climbing. Feel free to reach out!
  • Kaitlyn Chin - Original Speech Coach #1

    Kaitlyn Chin - Original Speech Coach #1

    Hi, my name is Kait and I’m a fourth-year student majoring in Cognitive Science, with a specialization in Design and Interaction. I joined the Speech and Debate team since my freshman year at UC San Diego. Speech has always been a huge part of my life, ever since middle school and I am excited to continue coaching Original Speech for another year. During my spare time, I indulge in songwriting, painting, playing the piano/guitar, doing jigsaw puzzles, learning new things, hiking, and dancing. Feel free to reach out to me and ask me anything :)

  • Rafi Overton - Original Speech Coach #2

    Rafi Overton - Original Speech Coach #2

    Hey! I'm Rafi and I'm a second-year double-majoring in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution and Literature/Writing at Sixth. I joined Speech and Debate last year for its unique combination of analytical, oratory, and social aspects, and I'm thrilled to be co-coaching Original! Outside of Debate, you'll find me writing, playing French horn, internally rocking out to music, running to Scripps, climbing a 14er, or writing tests for a Science Olympiad tournament. Hit me up if you want to chat about classes, TV shows, music, writing, backpacking routes, or anything else!