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  • Michael Wagreich

    Michael Wagreich

    Michael Wagreich, actively engaged with the Speech & Debate team from 2021 to 2023, held the esteemed position of President. His initial motivation to join the team was driven by a genuine interest in speech and debate itself. Through his participation, Michael found a noticeable impact on both his personal and professional growth. Though he had various experiences during his tenure, a particularly memorable moment was during an impromptu practice session where he was yelled at (haha). As a result of his involvement, Michael cultivated specific skills and qualities that undoubtedly serve him in various situations beyond the debating arena.

  • Preston Le

    Preston Le

    Preston Le, a Speech & Debate team member in 2019 and 2020, was initially driven to join to hone his communication prowess. The experience significantly molded his aspirations. Coaching and competitive impromptu speaking propelled him from his comfort zone, laying the foundation for his dream of voice acting. While teaching English with a focus on oral communication in Korea and Japan, he harnessed this background to guide students to success. A cherished memory includes a serendipitous detour through the scenic Encinitas after a tournament. Above all, Speech & Debate instilled in Preston an invaluable resourcefulness, aiding his career endeavors and refining his adaptability as a voice actor, drawing from real experiences to enrich his craft.

  • Harris McLeod

    Harris McLeod

    Harris McLeod, engaged in Speech & Debate from 2017 to 2020, was ignited by a fervent love for persuasive public speaking and profound respect for his coach. The skills and accolades he amassed, including a notable first-place win in individual parliamentary debate and a commendable second in team parli, not only granted him a scholarship but also became the driving force behind his decision to pursue and excel in law school. Today, Harris draws upon his refined skills in communication, teamwork, and handling tricky situations, applied extensively in his interactions with colleagues. His tenure at Speech & Debate also enriched his political acumen, further testament to the multifaceted benefits of his involvement.

  • Jasmine Moheb

    Jasmine Moheb

    Jasmine Moheb, deeply embedded in the Speech & Debate community from 2018 to 2023, found her motivation to join through an inspiring coach. Not just a participant, Jasmine exhibited leadership qualities by taking on the role of VP Coaching twice during her tenure. The platform offered her invaluable skills ranging from structured articulation and leadership to a nuanced understanding of opposing political views, albeit with a dash of humor. While debates and competitions were an integral part of her journey, it was the cherished memories of team salsa dancing in 2018, bonfires, and numerous socials that remained close to her heart. These experiences extended their influence to her academic life as well, aiding her in organizing thoughts for graduate papers, resulting in commendable grades. Post-graduation, Jasmine's debate prowess didn't just serve as a badge of honor but as an assurance to her boss about her confidence in voicing questions or pitching innovative ideas, a testament to the versatile benefits of her Speech & Debate experience.

  • Kashfe Rahman

    Kashfe Rahman

    Kashfe Rahman, an active team member during the 2018-2019 academic year at UCSD's Speech & Debate, was driven by a passion to refine his public speaking skills. His participation not only bolstered his confidence for in-class presentations during his senior year but also sharpened his articulation during job interviews. A touching memory for Kashfe was his impromptu farewell speech at the year-end banquet in 2019, where he expressed gratitude for the team's unwavering support. The skills he honed during this period were palpable post-graduation. In a biography class, Kashfe seamlessly elucidated John Cena’s on-screen feuds, captivating his audience using an engaging PowerPoint presentation. His mastery in conveying niche topics with conviction and passion was evident, a testament to his invaluable Speech & Debate experience.

  • Tyler Jang

    Tyler Jang

    Tyler Jang, actively involved in Speech & Debate from 2018 to 2021, holds a passion for the art that can be traced back to her high school years. While her initial journey wasn't laden with frequent accolades, her fervor was undiminished, prompting her to join the re-founded UCSD team. She rose to the challenge, taking on board positions as the Impromptu-Extemp coach and later specializing as the Impromptu coach. Beyond competitions, Tyler cherishes her memories outside of practice, recalling beach outings and salsa nights, and her role as the team's dedicated photographer. Now a PhD student at UC Riverside, Tyler frequently employs her polished public speaking skills, winning accolades for her research presentations and swaying even the most rigorous of professors. Her talents even took a political turn, as she captivated protesting crowds during the UC graduate student strike. Tyler's story is a testament to the long-lasting impacts of Speech & Debate, from professional accomplishments to forming lifelong friendships.

  • Isaiah Sun

    Isaiah Sun

    Isaiah Sun, an active Speech & Debate team member from 2020 to 2022, was drawn to the realm of debate due to its competitive nature, his coach, and the tight-knit community it promised. Through his involvement, Isaiah not only honed his debating prowess but also cultivated a newfound confidence in articulation, ensuring precision in his speech. Among his cherished memories are the triumphant moments when he clinched both Gold and Bronze awards in competitions and out-debated his peers. These achievements were not just milestones but validations of his hard work and dedication. Beyond the debate stage, the skills Isaiah garnered have seamlessly integrated into his daily life. Whether in casual conversation or professional settings, he meticulously thinks through his words before voicing them, a testament to the lasting influence of his Speech & Debate journey.